Week 11 - August 24 - August 30

Below is the outdoor schedule for the week of August 24 - August 30


-Covid 19 Symptoms Medical Assessment completed and submitted for every parent + player(each session)
-Covid 19 Declaration Form following Provincial Health Guidelines completed and on file for all families
-Staggered Start and End Times to maintain maximum of ‘10 on field’ guidelines: Sessions 50 minutes long
-One Parent on field to help with social distancing of U4-U5 players if needed (U6 as well if necessary)
-Players must bring their own soccer ball
-Cones are sanitized before and after every session
-Socially Distanced Designated Spectator Spots
-Socially Distanced Soccer Curriculum with each player having their own grid.
-Sessions are 25 minutes of skill + 20 minutes of non-contact competitions vs. other team:
no actual game play
Please watch this video to see an actual session and what it will look like: