Tuesdays 8-10yrs Indoor Fall 2020 Info

Fall Indoor 2020 Kick-Off Essentials

TUESDAY 8-10 YEARS  - 7PM-7:50PM

Welcome to the 2020/21 Fall Indoor program at Future Girls Soccer. In this newsletter you will find the answers to all your questions about the program.If you have any others reach out, we are here to help!

i. Players will be given a shirt for the indoor session. Shirts will be handed out outside of the building 10 minutes before your player’s first game, please do NOT come earlier than that. We are handing them out outside to keep the volume of people down inside the building.
ii. Players must wear black shorts. If you do not have black shorts, we do have some that we will have for sale Tuesday evening for 10 dollars. Let me know if you need them.
iii. Players who are playing CONTACT will need shin pads UNDER their soccer socks -they will not be able to participate without them.
iv. Soccer shoes with cleats ARE not suitable for this indoor turf. Running shoes or flat indoor soccer shoes will work.
v. Players need to have their hair tied back and out of face and their uniform shirt needs to be tucked in.
vi. Players need to bring their water bottle with them onto the field…that is ALL.
vii. Players cannot have jewelry on including stud earrings-please leave all bling at home.
One spectator per player only-this will be strictly enforced.
ii. Spectators must wear mask entire time in building.
iii. Players must wear mask into building until on the field and then again when they are exiting the field.
iv. Players must sanitize their hands before coming onto the field-a coach will be there to do this.
v. Players must have their temperatures taken before stepping onto the field.
vi. Session are 50 minutes long to allow for IMMEDIATE EXIT & SANITIATION OF TURF AREA, BALLS AND EQUIPMENT
vii. A Declaration form must be filled out for each family before the first session-the link is here:
viii. Medical assessments must be filled out by driver and spectator before every session-the link is here:
There is no need to post an actual game schedule as the time your daughter is playing is always 7-8 pm. The coaches will keep track of team play and who is playing versus who weekly. Your daughter’s time slot is 6pm.