FGS Summer House League Thursday’s 9-14 yrs

All age divisions this year are at Holton Heights Park-1315 Holton Heights Drive. The town has given us this park as there are two soccer fields there and we can have two sessions occurring. With the field limit of 10 players that helps us not schedule the girls until midnight😊.

Players will be given a team shirt to wear at the field the evening of their first game. That process will include a line up, please social distance in the line-up. There are no numbers on the back of the shirt, and it is a simple YXS-YL. Players do not need shin pads as there is no contact. We are on grass but if you don’t have cleats it is okay, running shoes will work delightfully! Each player needs their own water that stays with them and we will have fresh sanitized balls for every player when they come onto the field. Note, there are no bathrooms at the field.

Holton Heights has about enough parking for 20-30 cars, just the right amount for each hour of play. Only come five minutes early for your game as the game prior has to leave. If your game is over I hate to be a party pooper but you and your social cloud have to get out of the park as quickly as you can as we need the spots for the next group of kids coming in. The kids can’t hang around, they can’t play on the play structures, etc. Remember, limited amounts of people at all times and we have lots of games to get through each night.

Only ONE spectator per family, no dogs, no cats, no ferrets, no parrots. No siblings either. This cannot be a family affair like yesteryear. If you have two children it is still only one parent, no exceptions until the number of 10 changes. 


Spectators cannot sit on the bleachers that are present at the park. You will see orange discs on the ground around the field that will be spread out. These are the spectator spots. Please put your chair of choice there and enjoy the show.

With social distancing, we will need help with the younger ones (U4 AND U5) to help them understand the 6 feet. Parents are welcome on the field at the outer edge of their child’s perimeter to assist. This does not turn the parent into a player thus increasing the spectator count to 2-nice try😊.

There are two forms that need to be filled out. There is a declaration form that every family must have on file with me once for the season. You would have received that by email. There is also a COVID medical screening form that must be done by the driver and by the player for EVERY session-no exceptions. It can be submitted electronically, and it has to be done the day of the session to ensure everyone is healthy. If the medical assessment is not completed for every session we cannot let your daughter play. That has also been sent by email.

Yes we will actually get to the soccer part:😊I feel like this is the most bummer summer newsletter I have ever written☹ but these are the times and Future Girls is doing what we can to offer programming but we have to ensure it’s done safely and it will only happen with details that are followed. Below is the link to your daughter’s schedule, which is always online. Her final team would have been emailed to her. Please note Field One is to the right of the path and Field Two is to the left of the path past the tennis courts.

We are really looking forward to kick-off, if you have any questions please call or email, thanks for your patience with everything and assistance in helping us have a safe and fun Summer 2020, Coach Kim 

SCHEDULE: https://futuregirlssoccer.ca/thurs-house-schedule-summer20-2/
Please watch this video to see an actual session and what it will look like: