What Our Families Say

Hi Coach Kim, I would like to start off by congratulating you and your team for the reader choice award. It is very well deserved. My wife and I are truly impressed with the program you offer. We had our daughter enrolled at other leagues the past 2 years and were not impressed with the quality of the coaching our daughter received. She just finished your summer house league and fell in love with the sport and is having fun. We have enrolled her for the fall and winter at FGS.
We just received the results for the ADP try-outs. Our daughter has been accepted into the program. She is thrilled, excited and is looking forward to the program. A BIG thank you to Future Girls team!
Dear Coaches and organizers of Future Girls, Thanks for an AMAZING soccer season. Both of our daughters enjoyed making new friends, learning soccer skills and playing games. Thank you for all your hard work and organization. We really enjoyed playing with your club.
I just wanted to say my daughter loves your development program so much, it challenges her while she's having fun and it is by far the best girls program I've came across. She doesn't stop asking me all week if it's the girls practice yet. I want to say thank you! I was so afraid that she was going to get turned off of soccer by not being challenged or placed correctly, when I know deep down she loves the sport so thank you again!
We can't thank you enough! It's the only camp my daughter actually enjoys going to. The coaching staff is top notch and the girls are very lucky to have the opportunity to spend a week with you ladies. It's been refreshing to see her enjoying the game again
Wanted to take a minute and say thanks for a great season. It has been nothing but organized and professional and it has been great watching all the girls develop their skills. You are running a great show!
My daughter has come home every night tired from all the hard work the coaches had her do out on the pitch, but also buzzing with excitement about all the things she's learned each day. Despite playing for an academy team for the past three years, I've never heard her talk so enthusiastically and intelligently about soccer. The coaches seem to have made a huge impression on her. I was a little nervous at first about registering, because I know you've had some tremendous players go through your academy and how high your standards are, so I wasn't sure if she was quite up to that level. But I'm so glad I signed her up. She seems to have been encouraged by the coaches and the other players to be more assertive in her game and to try out some of the moves on the ball the coaches have been teaching the girls.