Skills Excellence Sundays

Individual Skills Excellence is for players wanting to feel more confident with the ball at their feet, improving their game and increasing their love for soccer!. The Skills Excellence Curriculum is developed using Coerver Coaching The No. 1 Soccer Skills Training Method in the world.

This program focuses on many soccer dimensions including:

-First touch and turning with the ball
-Passing and Receiving
-Moves to beat your opponent
-Shooting and Finishing

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Elite Fast Feet Fridays

Future Girls Coerver High Performance Fridays focuses on developing the female player to excel technically and increase her confidence to dominate in 1v1 situations, one of the fundamental cornerstones of owning the game. The Coerver High Performance curriculum is based on the techniques and tools of Coerver Coaching-the #1 Soccer Skills Method in the world.
Sessions include:

-Footwork technique to get out of tight spaces and win 1 v 1’s
-First touch
-Controlling the ball at speed
-Performing advanced moves at speed

The goal of each Friday session is for every player to leave with practical moves and techniques that will help her dominate in every game. Every player will leave with a new skill in their soccer toolbox and the belief that they can own the game GUARANTEED.

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Junior Prep Program

The FGS Junior Prep program is a training environment created for young female players with a keen interest in soccer and desires to eventually play at a more advanced pathway. This program will be led by Ex-CWNT Player and FGS head coach Michele Houchen who has had decades of success building sound technical foundations in the youngest female player. Players will be introduced to essential technical skills and through repetition will fine tune the necessary tools to excel as their development and confidence grows.
Players must have previous experience to participate in the program.

Double Dose

(Players will be grouped into small groups according to skill level to ensure optimal challenge and development)

Female Soccer Fitness with Coach Lexi

You’re better when you’re faster, it’s just that simple.

Shoot to Finish with Team FGS