Book “Reaching for the Rings”


“A Young Girls Guide to Growing her Game”
Written by Kim Brassor.

Why this book?

In 2012 our Canadian Women’s National Soccer team brought home the Olympic Bronze medal-Canada’s first Summer Games medal in a traditional team sport since the 1936 Berlin games!Canada’s soccer bronze ignited a golden age for soccer in this country that can only be compared to the thrill Canadian hockey fans have felt for decades.   The 350,000 girls and women who play soccer in Canada finally have their own role models to look up to and they want to read about them! It’s not an easy task for our young and motivated female soccer players to find out more about their very own soccer ‘SHE-ROE’- the one they look up to and practice to be like whenever they step out onto the field.

Now they can. This book gives them the opportunity to get to know their role models, get inspired to improve their own soccer game and design their very own plan to Reach for the Rings!

Role Models

Some of the incredible women you will meet in Reaching for the Rings:

Christine Sinclair, Sophie Schmidt, Rhian Wilkinson, Diana Matheson


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