Fundamentals Plus League Summer 2020
Scores - Standings - Playoffs

Fundamentals Plus Leagues Include:

⚽ Now, in it's exciting 2nd year, the Fundamentals Plus+ League!
Scores will be kept, Standings will be held and a Fundamentals Plus Team will be crowned! 
⚽ 14 week Season: 10 Round Robin Games/2 weeks of playoffs: semi finals, finals and consolation games
⚽ Two sessions a week led by certified, inspiring and paid FGS coaches (Each weekly practice and weekly game will be led by the team's certified and paid FGS coach)
⚽ Every team coached by its own FGS coach for the entire session
⚽ 60 minute practice of Skills Development and Game Awareness
⚽ 60 minute game with referees
⚽ Game referees
 ⚽Trophies for Fundamentals Plus Team in each division
⚽ Friend Requests
⚽ Fundamentals Plus+ Champion will be crowned in each age division

Fundamentals Plus League Summer 2020