Future Girls Soccer

Who is Future Girls Soccer?
Future Girls is the first and only ALL-GIRLS soccer organization in Ontario that is focused on optimizing the skills potential of the female player, at every playing level. We are committed to helping each soccer player build a strong technical foundation that will give them the confidence to excel in any situation, on and off the field.


1. How old is my daughter in soccer years?
Age Year Born
4 years 2014
5 years 2013
6 years 2012
7 years 2011
8 years 2010
9 years 2009
10 years 2008
11 years 2007
12 years 2006
13 years 2005
2. How do I find out about registration?
We are very present on social media and our website is updated daily. Broadly, our summer registration always opens January 1st and our fall/winter registration opens July 15.  
3. When does registration close?
We keep registration open until the programs fill. Most programs do sell out approximately 30 days before program start.
4. How do I register?
ALL registration for Future Girls Programs is done online. If you have difficulties in the process reach out with our ‘Live Chat’, phone or email.
5. How do I pay?
There is a method to fit your needs. Online credit card, online chequing account, electronic funds transfer, cheque drop-off, cheque mail.
6. If the season has started can I still sign up my child?
If there are spots left in the program most definitely. We also pro-rate the session fee so you don’t pay for the sessions you missed.
7. What is your refund policy?
We always provide refunds no matter the time in the session. Refunds will be given for the number of sessions left minus an administration fee.


1. Where is your office?
Future Girls does not have an actual brick and mortar office. Registration and program details are all online. You can visit the facility anytime during the TRAC’s operating hours and you are always welcome to visit the staff and players and watch any of our programs.
2. Where do you hold your programs?
All programs are held at The Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC), 1132 Invicta Drive in Oakville. There is an outdoor soccer field and an indoor turfed field that we use year around.


1. Where can I find your program fees?
They are posted on the website on the ‘register’ page.
2. What is included in the fees?
a) Uniform and ball (shirt and FGS bag-winter) (full kit-summer)
b) State of the art indoor and outdoor facility
c) Highly experienced, all female, certified and payed coaches
d) 7:1 Coach Ratio for all Individual Devleopment Programs
e) Coerver Coaching Development-the #1 Soccer Training Method in the World
3. What is the fee to ‘Come Try It’-is it free?
‘Come Try It’ is available for all our individual development programs, not our house league programs. There is a fee to Come Try It. It is different for each program so email for details and to tell us your coming!
4. How much is "Pay as you Play"?
Pay as you Play is also available for all our individual development programs, not our house league programs. It is different for each program so email for details and to get on the Pay as you Play email list.
5. Is Pay as you Play Cheaper?
It is not. We offer Pay as you Play so that girls who have scheduling conflicts can still attend our programs when they can.
6. Do you have fees assistance?
We most certainly do. If you visit our Financial Assistance page you will see two options to choose from. We are committed to doing whatever possible to get girls engaged in soccer, no matter their means.


1. Who are the FGS Coaches?
Future Girls Soccer is proud to present an all-female coaching staff with more than just licenses. With 30+ Years of Canadian National Team + NCAA Experience, our coaches have played the game at the highest levels and have travelled the very path that many of your daughters aspire to achieve. Our Senior coaches have played on the Canadian Women’s Team, in the NCAA and CIS and have trained in the provincial and national programs. Our Junior coaches are playing at the highest levels for their ages including League One and OPDL. Read about our team here.
2. Do you have volunteer Coaches?
We do not use volunteer coaches for any of our programs.  


1. Does my daughter need soccer shoes?
No, running shoes are completely fine. Some players wear soccer shoes and some don’t-whatever works for you and your daughter is acceptable. 
2. Does my daughter need shin pads?
Yes, for sure. They need shin pads which can be obtained from Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Soccer World, etc. We can’t allow players to play without shin guards.
3. Can my daughter wear jewelry?
They cannot. If ears have just been pierced band-aids are fine. Bracelets and necklaces cannot be worn.
4. What about my daughter's hair?
Please tie it back and get it out of their face…seeing the ball is half the battle

Miscellaneous Program Questions

1. Do you do friend requests?
We do! For girls, soccer is just as much social as it is physical. After you register email us with your friend request. Please note that requests are limited to a maximum of 3 players- 1 player plus 2 friends. 
2. Can my daughter play up an age? She is advanced in comparison to her peers.
Our main priority is developing soccer players and ensuring they are challenged. If a coach determines that a player will reap more rewards in a different age bracket we will definitley seek out the parents and have a chat to see what’s possible!
3. When will I receive information about the program I registered for?
We send out an informative newsletter to all families no later than 10 days before the program start date. In the meantime, refer to the program page on the website or email us-we are always happy to answer your questions!
4. What about bad weather?
Programs will be held if it is just raining or if it is cold. If there is thunder and lightning, we will have to cancel. We do everything in our power to reschdule or accommodate the session miss. In the summer months the house league cannot move inside, it is subject to the above conditions as well.
5. My child is an absolute beginner, will she be okay?
Absolutely! Both the FGS and Coerver curriculum are meant to get beginnners started the right way, with a complete soccer foundation and positive experience, no matter the age. This goes for all FGS house leagues and our individual development programs. In the individual development programs, players are tiered according to skill, never age, so that all players are developing at the right pace and are challenged at the same time.
6. My daughter is physically bigfor her age and doesn’t like to train with smaller players…can you move her?
At FGS we assess all players based on skill. In our experience we have seen younger players have more skill than older players and short players have more skill than taller players. This can also work in the reverse. The one dimension that remains constant is skill.
7. Do you hand out medals or trophies at the end of house league?
We do not. There is an end of season momento to be sure, but we do not provide end of season medals or trophies.
8. Does FGS do pictures?
FGS is unique in our picture offering. We provide action photos of all the players in our house league including the team pictures. This allows parents to pick out the ones they like, download them and print them on whatever they want.
9. Do you have a competitive soccer program?
FGS is the official development partner and coaches of the Oakville Blue Devils Junior Girls Academy. We coach the U9-U12 girls’ teams. You can read all about the Oakville Blue Devils Academy here.
10. .Do you have any parent testimonials?
Many parents have shared their thoughts, read them here!