Summer House League Coaches
Part-time evenings + Saturdays AM

Summer Camp Coaches
July Day-time

Summer House League Referees
Part-time evenings

Summer House League Photographer
Summer House League ‘Lead’
Soccer Experience +Management/Customer Service Experience

Competitive Coaches
High Level Playing Experience
OSA Age Appropriate Coaching Certification (will train)
Year Round

Please send your resume including soccer background to futuregirlssoccer@gmail.com with the subject heading
FGS Summer 2018


Future Girls is always looking for  soccer players who want to teach, inspire and expose girls to the skills, sense of accomplishment and opportunities that the sport of soccer can bring to them. Our team is a dynamic group of coaches, made up of young soccer players and highly experienced coaches who are passionate about teaching young girls to the best they can be on and off the field.
Just because you’re too young to work doesn’t mean you’re too young to give back to your sport and learn valuable leadership skills. Our ‘mentee’ program places you alongside our highly-certified coaches to learn leadership skills, problem-solving, teamwork and cooperation skills. Volunteer hours will be awarded.
• Soccer-Lover  • Soccer-Player
• Dedicated  • Committed  • Inspiring